History of the Title Sequence, by Jurjen Versteeg

At the heart of Squish Brain is the depiction of "creation and process." "History of the Title Sequence" by Jurjen Versteeg depicts this perfectly. The images and sound in this piece are visceral and piercing. Here's my new poem inspired by this meta title sequence: "Art is art, before it's art, and it's the best part, the art." That's some Mr.Miyagi nonsense. That's what I would tell my students, if I had students, and I was a teacher. I'd drop nonsense like that on them all day long.

Brent Weinbach

Posted on the Sound of Young America I found a clip of Brent Weinbach's Conan appearance. I went digging for more of his work and found a gem called "Soft Pianist." While I've been working Squish Brain, I've kept my eyes glued to keystone inspirations, and this man is now a keystone, and my eyes have become one with him. He's my new comedy fav. I need this man's face on an oversized button, so that I can wear it around town. But it needs to be a button the size of my face. Then I'll get a nose ring, and use my new found nose hole to pin my "Weinbach Face" button to my own face. That's a badass plan! I think I just pushed fandom past the creepy point and back to love again.